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1:        Check Calendar to see if the day you are looking for is free or email/telephone Booking Secretary -

see below


2:        Booking Secretary will check spreadsheet to see if any provisional bookings are on the chosen day. (Provisional bookings are NOT shown on the Calendar)


3:        If the day and time is available a Provisional Booking will be made and a Booking Form and information will be sent (email) preferred. The Provisional booking will be held for 3 days, if no response the day and time will become available to other inquires.


4:        Complete the Booking form and send deposit to secure the booking and this will then be placed on the Calendar.


5:        Final payment due 2-4 weeks before your event


6:        A couple of days before your event the Booking Secretary will send out the Key code for the Hall key safe and details of the committee member on call.




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Fire Regulations Tidying and Cleaning Terms and Conditions Calendar Booking form

Please read all details carefully


Click below to download booking form