The Kitchen

This kitchen is suitable for any professional chef, but simple enough for the domestic cook.  


It contains a large cooker, microwave, food warmer, dishwasher, water heater, seperate sinks for food preparation and hand-washing.  Instructions for appliances are available in the hall.


Crockery and cutlery is available for your use, but no "catering" equipment eg pots and pans are available - PLEASE SEE DETAILS by clicking on the button below.

Garden and Parking

The area to the front of the hall is landscaped, providing an attractive entrance to the hall.  To the rear of the building there is an enclosed landscaped garden. This adjoins the village playing field which provides an attractive outlook.


We do have a car park.  However, the Hall does not own the whole car park so it is not all available for our sole use.  

Crockery list

Hall facilities

We do have Wi Fi available in the hall.  

Alarm in foyer

•This is not connected to the fire station or police

•If the alarm rings, please evacuate the hall

•Call fire service/police – mobile signal is better across the road

•Reset button/key to turn off on top of the alarm box – look around building for red flashing lights

Storeroom – furniture for inside use only

•100 adult chairs

•24 tables – 153cm x 61cm (For large functions it may be necessary for you to hire extra tables.)

•Unfortunately, the toddler equipment is not available for hire due to insurance issues

•There is a display board for your use in the hall – W180cm x H120cm

•Please return all furniture to the storeman and store as indicated on the plan on the wall in the storeroom.

•The coat rack can be moved into the most appropriate position for your event

Music System

•Instructions are on the inside of the storeroom door

•Turn on the socket that is in the middle of the back of the wall

•The cable is stored on the top of the amplifier

•Plug into the socket in the hall to the right of the storeroom door

•Sound will play through the speaker

Music Monitor

•This is above the kitchen door

•The switch is just through the door to the kitchen

•Green “ear” indicates that the sound level is acceptable

•Amber circle – sound level is just acceptable

•Red circle – turn the sound down – please be considerate to the neighbours


•To turn the dishwasher on/off, please use the large switch on the wall.  The dishwasher takes 15 mins to heat up – and less than five minutes for a wash.  The dishwasher should be emptied of pots and water when your event is finished.  Please see detailed instructions provided in the hall.

•The water heater by the kitchen door is plumbed in.  Turn on at the wall.  Unlimited hot water will be available after 15 mins.  Please turn off after use.

•Oven can be turned on using large switch to the left of the cooker hood. Please turn off after use.

•The warming oven heats up to 110°

•Two fridges

•One small freezer

•Crockery and cutlery for 100 including sugar bowls and jugs

•First aid kit

•Safety shutter for hatch – if alarm goes, this will come down automatically

•Checklist for cleaning and tidying the hall

NO glasses are available

NO catering equipment available – hirer will need to organise tea towels, sharp knives, pots and pans, serving bowls and spoons as required

Main hall

•Safety regulation – unlock doors to garden if there are a large number of guests

•Please use hooks on beams for decorations – no Sellotape or blu tac

•Velux roof lights can be opened using the switch on the wall by the main doors to the hall

•Emergency cord in toilet for disabled – reset button to the left of the main door into the hall

•Variety of lighting options to suit any ambiance

•NO candles

Cupboards in the main hall

•Craft cupboard

•Cleaners cupboard – all cleaning equipment provided for your use.  Also, store of toilet rolls, bin bags, etc


•Hirers/parents own responsibility to ensure safety of children at all times



•Key safe outside the hall – you will be contacted mid-week before your event with the instructions, key code, and a few reminders.  You will also be given the name and contact details of the committee member on duty during your event


Leaving the hall

•Please use the checklist in the kitchen and inside the cleaner’s cupboard to ensure that you have left the hall in a suitable condition for the next hirer.  Make sure all doors are locked and all windows closed

•All recycling waste should be taken away and not left in the skip

•The hall will be checked after each event and the deposit will be fully refunded if the hall is left in good condition and ready for use by the next hirer