Tidying and Cleaning after an event

The hall, kitchen and toilets must be left in a clean and tidy condition ready for use by the next hirer. This is expected from all people using the hall.  There is also an additional cleaning charge of £25 for all major events.


1. Cleaning implements are stored in the cleaning cupboard in the hall, including a vacuum cleaner and mop.


2. The hall floor should be swept and, if the floor is soiled or stained from a spillage, it should be mopped up (with a damp cloth only as too much water will damage the floor) and wiped dry.


3. Any chairs or tables used must be returned and stacked neatly in the store.


4. Table tops must be properly cleaned after use.


5. The kitchen floor and bench tops should also be cleaned after any function involving the servicing of food.  


6. Tea towels and dish cloths are to be provided by the hirer.


7. Freeland hall is strictly a no-smoking venue and it is requested that the hirer provide a vessel placed outside of the hall for smokers to dispose of cigarette butts.


8. The grounds of the hall must be kept tidy and free from litter and cigarette butts.


9. Indoor litter bins (including the ones in the toilets) should be emptied into the main bin outside the hall and relined with a new black sack from the cleaner’s cupboard.


10. For Saturday evening bookings, cleaning may be carried out on the following Sunday morning before 11am, provided there are no bookings and the hall is freely available. THIS ARRANGEMENT WILL INCUR A FURTHER BOOKING FEE AND SHOULD BE CONFIRMED BY THE BOOKING SECRETARY PRIOR TO THE EVENT.


11. If the Hirer is unable to fully comply with the Conditions of Hire concerning the tidying and cleaning after the event, the Committee may need to call upon the Cleaner to assist. In such an event the Committee will deduct an appropriate sum from the Hirer’s deposit as reimbursement.



By order of Freeland Village Hall Management Committee


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